Paddy Joyce

Paddy Joyce

Postdoctoral Research Associate

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


I am a marine ecologist at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in Prof. Laura Falkenberg’s lab. My research is driven by attempts to understand how current and future environmental conditions alter organism behaviour and ecophysiology. Further, I am interested in how interactions between species will change with multiple environmental pressures. To do this, I use a range of laboratory and field experimental approaches that allow me to identify particular patterns in organism responses. The basis of my work involves marine habitat forming bivalves and the organisms associated with such habitats, with a particular focus on invasive species.

Download my CV here (March 2022).

  • Invasive species
  • Bivalve ecology
  • Global change
  • PhD in Marine Ecology, 2019

    Queen's University, Belfast

  • MRes Marine Biology, 2015

    Plymouth University

  • BSc Marine Biology, 2013

    University of Portsmouth